Words by Nick Skinner

Everyone always has that dream of a project car – “I wonder if it could ever get into a magazine?”

Previously, we have chosen the cars that feature within the pages of the magazine because of their story, their aesthetic or their feel. This time though, for the first issue of Hayburner Plus, we put it out for the readers to decide. Over on our Facebook page, we asked for people to post up either their own or their friends car and why it should be featured in the next issue.

The response was nothing short of overwhelming. Some 1300+ comments filled with everything you could possibly think of in every style imaginable. Early split Beetles, Type2s on air, original paint survivors, gleaming show queens and anything in between.

The job of going through each and every entry, all 1000+, fell to Ned and Nick. Together, we formed a shortlist of around 50 cars which we felt fit the Hayburner ethos. That then became an even shorter list of 20 and then finally down to the last 5 which were chosen by everyone in the office.

To put it into the hands of the readers, we said that the final decision would be down to them. A public vote… All 5 cars were posted onto the Facebook page and all our followers told to vote on which car they would like to see in the magazine. The response was incredible – 500 public votes from the comments section of the post.

Let’s take a look at how the votes went (in defending order):

There was just something about this Cabrio that spoke to all of us. New style wheels on a pre-’67 and big roof. Low but not extreme, it just all works as a complete package. Votes: 40 (Wins: Big Sticker Pack)

We love patina. But, it has to be the right type. This oval has that right type of wear which only comes with age. That, and the fat/skinny tyre combo plus an unnarrowed beam with a bit of rake. Just beautiful. Votes: 48 (Wins: T-Shirt & Stickers)

This is one of the most beautiful Karmann Ghia’s we have come across in a while. The lavender paint, the attitude, the fitment and the location all just works when it comes to this car. Also, Ned thought it was cool so it went on the shortlist. Votes: 53 (Wins: Hoodie & Stickers)

This early split Type 2 single-cab was incredible. The look, the ride-height, the homemade aluminium camper and cut-out of the door. It just works on so many levels. Votes: 136 (Wins: Workshop Banner of Your Vehicle and Stickers)

The beautiful split Beetle known as ‘Krampus’. This car has the right feel, the right attitude and detail. So much so that the owner, even had an enamel badge made specifically for the car with a Krampus graphic instead of the City Crest badge. Votes: 203 (Wins: Full feature of your vehicle in Hayburner Issue 44)

And there we have it! Our winners.

Whichever prize you’ve won, please get in touch with us to claim your prize! Thank you to everyone who entered and keep an eye out in the next issue for Chris Wilburn’s ‘Krampus’ in the next issue of Hayburner.

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