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Back Issues

Get the editions of Hayburner that you've missed on back order.


Hayburner accessories and related products


Hayburner hoodies in a variety of sizes and colours


Trucker caps, wooly beanie hats and bobbles with Hayburner Logos


The full range of Hayburner Stickers afor your VW and workshop

Tshirts / Baseballs

Men's tshirts, girls tshirts and baseball shirts with HAYBURNER branding


Sweatshirts with HAYBURNER branding

Hayburner Quality

A selection of parts made and approved to the standard we should all expect. We stand by our products and guarantee strength, safety and fair prices. We offer full satifaction for quality and fit, Or your money back. If orderd before 2pm you will make next day courier.


We are making way for new stock and products and we also have a few slight seconds. Everything in this section is very heavily discounted and due to this we cannot accept any refunds on sale items. Most items are either end of line or misprints and will be identified in the listing. Thanks for the support.

Bug Tech Accessories, Finishes & Knobs

Accessories, knobs and finishes for your Bug-Tech Shifter.

Bug-Tech Shifters

The full range of Bug-Tech Bus and Bug Shifters

Phone Cases

Make your Apple device cooler with our cases

ob1 Tshirts

Kid's stuff

For all the little Hayburner fans out there... Please contact Vicky on 07786565623 for more sizes and options, we print everything in-house so are there are a lot of options to be had!

Kinky Mick's Products

Hayburner Magazine is now selling genuine Kinky Mick's stickers! Thanks for the support.

Cab Mats

Hayburner thick rubber/thick underlay/hessian covered cab mats. We have made it our mission to design and make a cab mat that is very hard wearing, non slip, sound proof, waterproof, will always look better with age and affordable to everyone. Available for all types of VWs, if you have any special requirements that are not featured on the site please give us a call on 07786565623 or drop us an email at hayburnersales@hayburner.co.uk. Thanks for the support.


Parts bought and sold here. Parts for sale from our editor's private stash. For offers and questions or if you have a joblot or a rare part for sale that might be of interest to us please ring Ned on 07717893014 or email nedfaux@hayburner.co.uk

5 Star Rebellion clothing

5 Star Rebellion clothing

Engine Bay Extinguisher System